Why Ambit Works

First and foremost, this is the business opportunity page. You do not have to engage in this to become a customer! This is only for those interested in doing what  we are doing.

We are not selling a product that only a few people may use. We are selling ELECTRICITY and everyone in the United States of America uses it daily!

Ambit also has as little overhead as a company it's size could possibly have.  They spend very little on commercial advertising, they use word of mouth. They do not have to furnish all the perks for a bunch of fat cat sales teams, no cars, no cubicles, no fuel, no padded expense accounts, no health insurance, no vacation, sick days, etc. You get the picture.

They do have a full time IT, marketing , accounting and customer service department. Those employees are the backbone of the network and they do have benefits, but they work hard for them.

Ambit basically takes their overhead and fair share of profit and funnels the rest right back to the sales network that people like me and you operate. They also give a large chunk of it right back to the consumer. They give away vacations, reward points and discounted energy rates.  I kind of look at them as the good guys of the utility wars!

The biggest scare for most people, in a networking sales program, is this set up fee. Yes, many companies charge you a set up fee and you end up with a bunch of stuff you don't really want, need or can not sell. The fee for Ambit is time and material for setting up your accounting, tracking, billing and customer service until you make enough income to pay for itself. It's a one time fee!

Consider how much it would cost to start your own sales business. You would need the accounting and tracking software, customer service, IT department, marketing department and so on. Ambit takes care of all this for you, you just have to sale the service!

Now, if they just spent the time to set anyone up, offered the training and gave the presentations for potential clients for free, how much money would they be in the hole for everyone that just joined and never did any work?

You earn your money back and Ambit is not out of pocket for setting you up.

Think about all this, especially the service that is being sold, energy. It's an easy sale. I've said it before and I will say it again, everyone buys it and everyone has to buy it from someone. It could be you!

The tools are in place, the customers are out there, it's your call!

This is a great business opportunity. Since the energy deregulation, people have the option to change energy provider. Why not go with one that offers cheap rates, the referral program to get free energy and reward points for all the power you do use?

Everyone uses energy everyday! They will have to buy it somewhere. That is where the business opportunity comes in. Be the one to sell it to them or just refer 15 friends and get the free energy. Can you say free energy!!

Here's the link again   View The Video and Get Busy>>>

Contact me, I will pick you up or meet you at the Clear Lake or Houston training center and let you meet the people behind Ambit!

Chris Harris
On My Soap Box Again